Advertising Age recently posted a good article on digital marketing for the pharmaceutical industry worth a read. It speculates what implications regulatory issues will have with pharma companies that participate on the social web.

“No question social media is the hot topic in pharmaceutical marketing. Some companies are taking a few baby steps, but everyone is worried about FDA regulations — or lack thereof, because there aren’t any specific to social media.”

“The FDA will continue to maintain the position that it’s the message, not the medium. In other words, the same rules apply whether it’s social media or a print piece. So accept that and move on. You don’t have to stop using social media, but you might have to take Propecia cheap a some risks.”

Jonathan Richman from Dose of Digital

Richman suggests that social media tools will become more portable, following users wherever they choose to participate. He also suggests watching other industries for the future of digital marketing as pharma is slightly behind due to regulatory issues.

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