It’s clear that business leaders in a range of industries have come to embrace social media channels, including Twitter, to communicate with customers, manage brand reputation and increase brand visibility. But are healthcare executives lagging?

Healthcare executives using social media and Twitter

That’s a question Pharma 2.0 bloggers Bunny Ellerin and Eileen O’Brien ask in a recent post:

Tweeting is fast becoming a must-do vs. a what-are-you-doing for business generally and CEO’s in particular. Just last week Twitter published Twitter 101, a guide to help businesses leverage the service. Last month, BusinessWeek ran an article about business leaders who use Twitter and profiled 50 CEO’s from a range of industries. There was definitely an over-representation of tech CEO’s, but BW also talked to those from advertising/pr, construction, research, media, retail. But none in healthcare.

Where are all the healthcare CEO’s on Twitter?

The bloggers do point out several strong examples of healthcare executives using Twitter: @paulflevy, Paul Levy of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and @livestrongCEO, Doug Ullman of Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The post provides a few tangible tips to help healthcare executives get started on Generic Drugs Twitter and other social media channels:

  • To engage followers, provide a combination of business-related information and personal anecdotes. Also include links to useful articles and Retweet good posts.
  • Make an effort to interact with followers. Search for relevant questions on Twitter that you could answer.
  • Be authentic. If possible, write your own posts. And before starting the conversation, listen first to get a sense of the community.
  • Have an opinion. Comment on timely topics such as the healthcare bill. Twitter is a great tool to communicate to the public your organization’s stance on important issues.
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