Social networking for doctors is quickly gaining popularity. Doctors across the country are using social networking tools to give patients’ families, as well as the public, an eye into operating rooms, according to a recent Miami Buy Drugs Without Prescription Herald article.

In an effort to educate the public on medical procedures and calm the fears of patients’ families, doctors are providing real-time updates and videos illustrating step-by-step medical procedures.

The article shares an example of social networking for doctors:

In the waiting room, the patient’s family members circled a Blackberry. About every 15 minutes, Dr. Carlos Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery gave them a few keystrokes of information about how the patient was doing.

“M is asleep,” one of Wolf’s nurses typed at 9:13 a.m. on June 3. “We will start surgery soon.”

Less than an hour later, the nose job was complete.

“Beautiful,” the nurse typed. “She’s going to love it.'”

The article goes on to highlight several other examples of social networking for doctors:

  • Surgeons at a Detroit hospital, earlier this year, used Twitter to give a step-by-step report on a kidney removal surgery.
  • At JFK Medical Center, Dr. Beth-Ann Lesnikoski frequently using Twitter as an educational tool during breast cancer operations.
  • Also earlier this year, Dr. Harlan Selesnick at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida, repaired a knee ligament, which was video-taped and posted on the Baptist Health South Florida website.
  • South Florida surgeon Dr. Camil Sader has even created her own iPhone app.

Access the full article to learn even more about how doctors are embracing social media.

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