Pharma Social Media MarketingAt first glance, Facebook pages of pharmaceutical companies are just like any other companies’ — sharing links and providing content.

But take a closer look, and you’ll notice that the pages don’t allow commenting or even the “like” Facebook feature.

In a recent AdWeek article, Brian Morrissey discusses the pharma marketing conundrum regarding social media. The article shares how one pharma company is using social media in a limited way:

It is a common feature of many pharma-related Web sites that the key social features, like commenting, are turned off. Nexium, a drug from AstraZeneca, has a Facebook page that won’t let visitors post to its wall, comment on its posts or share them. Yet the drugmaker does take a step towards social with a heavily monitored social area. All posts are moderated before they’re posted to the site. The restrictions make the page a mostly one-way communications channel with only a handful of posts from consumers, and several discussion topics without any consumer input at all.

The article also offers several reasons why pharma marketing hasn’t been able to fully leverage the power of social media:

  • FDA rules governing pharma marketing and advertising are often murky.
  • If a user reported an adverse reaction to a treatment on a company’s social media page, the company would have Cialis Online buy to report it to the FDA.
  • Pharma companies can be held liable for people discussing off-label use of their products on their sites.
  • Social media updates can sometimes need approval from a pharma company’s legal department, which adds costs and manpower.

Only time will tell how the adoption of social media by pharma marketers — and FDA regulations — will play out, although adoption may be sped if the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is able to get its proposal passed. PhRMA is proposing the creation of a universal logo to be placed on social media sites, indicating information that meets FDA guidelines for fair balance.

To learn more, read the full AdWeek article.

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