If you think health care consumers haven’t widely embraced social media to research health care providers, gather information on treatments and diseases, and support one another, think again.

This health care social media video, created by the organizers of the HealthCare New Media Marketing Conference, offers a host of interesting statistics that prove the use of online media outlets for gaining access to health care information.

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  • 60 million consumers now use new media to share their health experiences online
  • 216 US hospitals use social media
  • 142 US hospitals have You Tube channels
  • 132 US hospitals maintain Twitter accounts
  • 83 US hospitals have Facebook pages
  • Approximately 1,200 Facebook  communities advocate for cures for chronic illnesses
  • 72% of e-patients search for medical information right before or after a docotr’s visit
  • 93% of e-patients say the Internet  has made it possible to get the medical information they need

Learn more about how health care consumers are using the Internet — and social media specifically — to become more informed and educated.

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