Jonathan Richman has a great post at iMedia Connection Cialis Viagra buy Online target=”_blank”>6 Steps to Getting Your Healthcare Social Media Idea Approved that offers sage advice on what to consider to get the best chance of approval for a social media effort:

“Every company in this industry has a team of lawyers and regulatory folks whose sole responsibility is to ensure that the company isn’t getting into trouble with regulators. Many of these internal folks are charged specifically with making sure marketing teams aren’t putting the company at risk with a program that violates regulations.”

“For those with more enlightened teams who are willing to work closely together, I’ve got some advice that I think can make it even simpler. “it takes a village” to get a program approved, particularly if that program is social media based. Never before has a single healthcare marketer conceived, developed, and launched a program on his or her own. There are teams of people that help along the way and some of these people are charged with making sure that the program isn’t going to get the company in trouble. So, if it does “take a village,” how can you get your village on your side?”

Here are the specific tips:

  • Know the “why” – Understanding the regulatory rules that are likely to have an impact on your program.
  • Become your own toughest critic – Be tough on your program just as you know your regulatory team will be. Just don’t kill it.
  • Check in along the way – Informally ask someone on your regulatory team for advice.
  • Be an educator first – Educate your team. Teach them about emerging channels and the benefits and risks of each ahead of time.
  • Force “Yes, if…” instead of “No, because…” – Force your regulatory teams to think about the issue with “Yes, if…” instead of “No, because…”
  • Try something – Do something small now.

Read on for the full details at iMedia.

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