Health Care Twitter Predictions

Clearly, 2009 was a year of new beginnings for the health care industry — particularly in regards to the acceptance of social media channels like Twitter. But as we move into 2010, will that acceptance shrink, remain stagnant or skyrocket?

We don’t have a health care Twitter crystal ball. But we do have an interview with Phil Baumann, registered nurse and author, by HCPLive. Baumann shared with HCPLive his predictions for the future of Twitter for health care marketing:

Since writing 140 Viagra Online Health Care Uses of Twitter, I’ve been very impressed with the spike in interest in using social technologies in health care. On Twitter alone, there’s a growing community of patients, doctors, nurses, healthcare marketers and others passionate about bringing about changes in health care. I was particularly impressed with the rise in Twitter chats to spur discussion, such as Health Care Social Media (#hcsm). …

I look forward to 2010. My prediction: 2010 is going to be a huge year in social media in general. We’ll start to get over the shiny-new-toy mentality and get into a more let’s-get-on-with-it approach. Healthcare will probably proceed much more cautiously than other industries, but I believe the continued and growing public discussions will help catalyze the revolution.

Additional points made by Baumann on the future of Twitter for health care marketing include:

  • FDA’s November public hearing on social media — the first of its kind — demonstrates the dire need for more attention to social media in pharma and other related industries.
  • Saleforce’s introduction of Chatter, a social networking tool to help businesses keep tabs on sales and customer service, shows the power of micro-sharing as a communication and collaboration medium.
  • If additional major players — SAP, for example — enter this market, health care organizations are more likely to adopt micro-sharing.

What predictions do you have for widespread adoption of social media channels by the health care field?

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