2009 marked the year social media as a platform and news topic exploded. Not only for mainstream topics like celebrities and technology but for Healthcare as well. Scott Meis presented to the Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society of Greater New York (HPRMS) on current social media trends and tips. Some interesting stats:

  • 36% want to see what other consumers say about medication or treatment.
  • 34% using social media
  • 46% using health portals
  • 67% using search engines

From How America Searches: Health & Wellness by iCrossing and Opinion Research Corporation

Once you develop a Social Media Program for a Healthcare organization, it can be a challenge getting everyone on board.  Many decision makers are not familiar with using social channels and there are industry regulations to be aware of.   Showing that the target audience communication preferences, information discovery trends can help. Presenting competitive social media participation can also motivate action – at least testing.  Pilot programs can be very effective at demonstrating a proof of concept and business case for further investment in social web participation.

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