Healthcare professionals can’t afford to ignore social media.  With patients and families on the social web, it provides a landscape for healthcare professionals to improve customer service and reach younger consumers.  Twitter is a great social media service for healthcare professionals to utilize, reaching an audience of business leaders, patients, colleagues and clients.

Twitter for Healthcare

If you’re new to Twitter, it’s hard to know what tactics to implement.  And even harder to know what effective tactics to implement.

Here’s a list of 5 Twitter Tips for Healthcare Professionals to ensure you’re utilizing the service to its full potential:

  1. Stay confidentialDon’t mention any information that can identify clients or patients. Don’t write anything where a patient could identify themselves – it could be embarrassing for them or break client trust.
  2. Share informationDo post the link to a great article.  Do retweet great information that aligns with what you are trying Viagra Without Prescription to achieve.  If someone writes something you don’t agree with, do post your apposing view and provide links to evidence. Respond to mentions as much as you can.
  3. Think simpleDon’t use jargon. Don’t use a big word where a small one will do. Don’t use three words where one will do. If you need to clarify a tweet, link to a blog post or article on your website.
  4. Know your audience – Do determine who your ideal follower is before getting started. Do aim for your posts to align with what they would like to hear. Your Twitter account may rank high in search engine results, so you want to ensure your messages would be appropriate for clients, workmates and potential employers to see.
  5. Be engagingDo work with those in your profession or industry to get more evidence based positive health messages out there. Do follow them, retweet their posts and engage in conversations by replying to their posts. Social media is not competitive – it makes the pie bigger, it doesn’t eat into your piece.

Follow these tips to create effective, meaningful and goal-oriented posts.  If you keep confidentiality and your goals top-of-mind, you’ll be able to see the benefits of social media services like Twitter.  If you haven’t already, create your Twitter account now and be sure to follow @healthcareos for updates, tips and news.

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