What if there were no rules in pharma marketing? That’s the question Jonathan Richman asks in a recent post on the iMedia Connection Blog. For healthcare digital marketers—like marketers in every field—innovation is often inhibited by themselves, by external forces and by their own interpretation of external forces. Richman says it’s the interpretation of external forces (regulations, guidelines, etc.) that’s the most menacing.

Most of us are aware of our own limitations. At the same time, most of us know the rules and are forced to live under them. However, many times we don’t really know the rules or understand them. Worse still is when we think we know the rules, but really don’t. When this happens, we essentially create a set of “ghost rules” that inhibit our thinking and that of our colleagues.

What makes ghost rules especially bad is that they’ve often been around for a long time and no one has ever thought to challenge them. Because these “rules” have often been invented along the way, they are impossible to ever really refute. You can prove that a “ghost” rule is real. Just go look it up. When you see the rule is some FDA guideline, then you’re proved it’s a real rule instead of a “ghost” rule. But how do you prove that a Cialis Online ghost rule isn’t real? If you search for it, you won’t find it anywhere, but because it’s been around for so long, people might assume that you didn’t look in the right place. It has to be a rule because we’ve assumed it was for so long.

Richman offers an interactive exercise and encourages pharma marketers to imagine a world without rules. Sounds great, right? But he gives a few parameters:

1. There may be no laws, but you still have a budget.

2. People will reject or react negatively to misleading advertising.

3. Your competition has the same rules.

If you could do anything you wanted in terms of digital marketing without any regulations, what would you do?

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