Social Media use by consumers and professionals in the pharma world is exploding and organizations that have been latent to adoption in the past are joining with progressives to demystify and in some cases, embrace the social web. But how?

A recent presentation from John Mack, Publisher of Pharma Marketing News and the Pharma Marketing Blog offers an excellent overview of the current state of pharma social media use, how social media can work with other Pharma marketing tactics as well as how to overcome common barriers.

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This presentation also includes a handy Social Media Readiness Assessment Tool

Part 1: Regulatory Environment (45 points)
– Corporate climate with regard to regulation
– Understanding of regulatory risks
– Ability to address risks
Part 2: Corporate Culture (30 points)
– Tolerance for risk
– Reaction to negative commentary
– Participating in social media site critical of industry
Part 3: Personal Knowledge & Awareness (25 points)
– Knowledge of various social media apps
– Awareness of impact of social media on pharma stakeholders
– Personal use of social media apps
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