healthcare social media marketing

There’s a recent article at the Baltimore Sun that describes how Doctors offices are trying services like Facebook, Twitter and even Groupon to attract new patients. In fact, through the use of Groupon, one Optometrist expanded their customer based and connected with other eye doctors across the country.

“Groupon has offered a growing number of deals for eye exams, teeth-cleaning and whitening, electrolysis and chiropractic services. Approximately 15 percent of Groupon deals nationwide are for health care services, says Julie Anne Mossler, a company spokeswoman.”

Obviously, buying drugs online not all healthcare services are practical for promoting through discounts. Who’s going to pick an emergency room or gynecologist because of a coupon?  But there are plenty of competitive healthcare services that can make good use of discounts through services like Groupon and reach an entirely new market.   Read the full story.

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