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Consumers are frustrated with information access to healthcare data which is ironic, since the technology exists now to make such information access a reality. Reggie Bradford, founder of Vitrue writes a prescription of sorts in a recent MediaPost, Marketing Health article 5 tips for healthcare marketers:

1. Set it Up
If you have not taken the time to set up and establish a presence on at least Facebook and Twitter, get it done. It’s free.

2. Engage with Patients
Social creates a two-way, real-time communication pipeline. Healthcare brands can engage consumers and deliver satisfaction as never before. Yes, moderating and responding to customer communications takes time, but also creates incredible time efficiencies. Small questions get answered before they turn into larger, time-consuming health issues. When you’re engaging and communicating, trust and loyalty go sky high.

3. Don’t Sell, Service
Consumers have grown hyper aware of, and largely immune to, heavy-handed marketing. If you approach your relationship with them on the social networks as a service instead of as a “pitch,” you will get financial returns on that approach driven by the brand awareness and loyalty consumers will assign to you, simply because you seemed to care.

4. Grow Your Brand & Business
In a highly competitive space where your competition may have more resources, a better facility, a better location, etc., you have the ability to not only level the playing field, but emerge the winner by using social to build your personal connections to customers and potential customers.

5. Exchange, Learn from Peers

Social media, particularly Twitter, is a great way to stay on top of industry news, information and trends. This is especially true for healthcare pros such as doctors who often find themselves pressed for time. Over 1,300 influential doctors are registered with TwitterDoctors. You may also want to stay on top of social media trends and best practices for ideas on how to better maximize your social assets.

Read the full article at MediaPost.

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