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The Top 50 Social Media Influencers in Healthcare IT

Social Media Influencers
Healthcare IT News recently published Michael Planchart’s list of the top 100 health IT experts on social media. This is a crowdsourced list from the community that includes some of the top experts in Health IT that are active on Twitter and other social media channels.

Congrats to all on the list!

Here are the top 50:

1. Mandi Bishop @MandiBPro

2. Christoph Trappe @CTrappe

3. William G. Esslinger, Jr. @billesslinger

4. John Nosta @JohnNosta

5. Linda Stotsky @EMRanswers

6. Mario Hyland @interopguy

7. John Lynn @techguy

8. Colin Hung @Colin_Hung

9. Nick Adkins @nickisnpdx  

10. Bill Bunting @WTBunting

Tips for Healthcare Providers on Using Twitter and Facebook

Healthcare Social MediaA recent post on the Health Express blog reports on how Healthcare providers are using social media and highlights specifically studies on the subject, examples from the Mayo clinic and the following tips for using social media in the healthcare industry:

If you plan to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, you might heed some of the following tips for your own credibility and online pharmacy without a prescription job insurance:

  • Learn the platforms: Learn how to use each social media tool to your advantage, which means learning how to use privacy controls and other customizations.

Health Care Social Networks

It was the perfect storm: As social media sites were gaining in popularity, health care was becoming more expensive and doctors’ time was becoming more finite and valuable.

It was only a matter of time before patients and their families began turning to health care social networks for medical information and even emotional support.

The Wall Street Journal discusses the trend in an insight article:

Online health sites have been booming in the past five years … Many of the sites have recently experienced heavy traffic from users seeking information on the H1N1 virus. Officials of the Health 2.0 Conference, which tracks the industry, estimate that the number of such sites climbed to nearly 500 from about 35 four years ago.

How Social Media in Health Care Is Changing the Way Patients Receive Care

When was the last time you were sick but avoided going to the doctor because of all the hassles, from scheduling the appointment to filling out forms and answering medical history questions?

Doctors visits might soon be painless thanks to social media in health care, A Smarter Planet blogger Josh Catone points out.

Web-based and social media tools are making it easier to get health information, Buy Generic pharmacy find doctors, make appointments, keep records, and get support. These tools are revolutionizing the healthcare field and the way people approach the practice of medicine. …

3 Best Healthcare IT News Sites

Healthcare IT News

buy prescription drugs href=”” target=”_blank”>Healthcare IT News – Offers healthcare IT executives coverage of new technologies, IT strategies and tactics, statutory and regulatory issues, as well as provider and vendor updates. Published in partnership with HIMSS.

Alltop Healthcare IT –  Aggregation of over 40 healthcare IT blogs.

HITSphere Healthcare IT Blogs – A network of premium weblogs about the healthcare, medical, and clinical informatics and information technology (IT) industry.

Of all the companies out there playing in the healthcare IT space, I’d like to see a blog from MPT.

Which HealthCare IT news sites are your “must reads”?

Social Media in Healthcare: The Next Technology Tool for Improving Patient Care

Is social media in healthcare on the rise? As a technology, social media is primed to become the next big tool for improving public health and educating patients, according to data presented at the 2009 National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing & Media.

During the conference, themed “Participation Powers Prevention,” Susannah Fox of the Pew Internet & American Life Project offered these facts and figures on social media in healthcare:

  • 79% of adults in the U.S. use the Internet, up from 46% in 2000.
  • 56% of adults have accessed the Internet wirelessly via laptop or mobile device.