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Featured Resource: #FDASM Aggregator on FDA & Social Media


Want to keep track of the conversation around the FDA special hearings on internet and social media?

This #FDASM aggregator site from Ignite Health should do the trick.

The site was created to capture conversations and resources related to the Nov. 12-13 FDA public hearing on how FDA-regulated product manufacturers use the Internet and social media.

A mobile version of the site is also available.

Check out some of the most recent tweets on the site:

Impact of Regulations on Healthcare Social Media

By now, the challenges faced by health care and pharmaceutical organizations when it comes to government regulations on social media are well know.

But a recent blog buy drugs online target=”_blank”>post from SmartBlog on Social Media’s Merritt Colaizzi suggests there may be some hope on the horizon. Despite the added layer of complexity resulting from government regulation, several standout health care and pharmaceutical companies are helping to get the social media ball rolling, including:

  • ZocDoc puts patients in touch with physicians, allowing them to book appointments online, as well as provide ratings.


Social Media in Health Care Demystified: Video

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Gone are the days when health care marketers were full-time professional storytellers — focused on how best to package stories and engaged in one-way conversations.

Today, storytelling is just a part of the job of health buy prescription drugs online care marketers. With the rise of social media, health care marketers must be focused on facilitating conversations and sharing information.