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Social Media is Changing How Doctors & Patients Interact

Social media has expanded the communication opportunities between consumers and brands all over the world. Professionals that rely on client communications are also leveraging social communications both as means of engaging with existing clients and patients as well as to create awareness and engagement with new “customers”.

“The power of the Internet is the power of the patient, who can now research treatments, compare physicians, and collaborate with doctors, who may not always—in fact, don’t typically, according to Timimi—have the time or budget to conduct the kind of in-depth research their patients can and will because, frankly, they’re damn motivated. There’s nothing like learning the horizon of your life has been foreshortened to push you into the Internet rabbit hole of research. ”

5 Step Prescription for Healthcare Marketers: Social Media Medicine

healthcare social media prescription

Consumers are frustrated with information access to healthcare data which is ironic, since the technology exists now to make such information access a reality. Reggie Bradford, founder of Vitrue writes a prescription of sorts in a recent MediaPost, Marketing Health article 5 tips for healthcare marketers:

1. Set it Up
If you have not taken the time to set up and establish a presence on at least Facebook and Twitter, get it done. It’s free.